Special Offer

Hugh is special. He is more than just a mentor to me. He makes me feel like my close friend committed to my growth and development.

On top of his vast experience to share, he demonstrates honesty, integrity and he can be trusted to give objective and frank advice. I remembered one occasion when I shared my aspiration to leave my job and start my own business, he was very objective and gave me some good advice on helping me to weigh the risks and make the best decision. More importantly, he taught me the importance of being open to my employers early to plan for a smooth transition. This benefited me and helped me to have an amiable parting with my then employer.

Hugh demonstrated very high emotional intelligence. He is aware of my emotions and is sensitive to my emotions and feelings. At the same time, he is bold to communicate failures and weaknesses to me so that I can see my blind spots.

Hua Koon Tan Former COO,  Singapore October 2011


Hugh, thank you so much for the interesting, informative and engaging workshop. The feedback wehave from attendees indicates they received great value from attending – 97% rated the value received as excellent or good!

The practical and accessible nature of your advice was greatly appreciated by all.  Attendees commented that their networking comfort zone had been extended and that you had “demystified” networking.

From the point of view of the event organizer, you were so wonderfully easy to work with, an absolute pleasure and you delivered exactly what we requested – we will definitely be recommending you to others.

Natalie Sterck, State Street Australia
Dec 2009


I have had the privilege of being coached by Hugh and have found it a hugely valuable experience. Hugh has a very subtle style that is challenging without being confronting. He is able to facilitate the process of insight and the raising of awareness in a very safe space. I gained personally by being able to obtain understanding that I was actually approaching an issue I had from totally the wrong perspective. If I had not had the coaching with Hugh this may not have been possible and therefore I would have continued to struggle with finding an answer. Now I can take steps to actually achieve my goal and gain ground.

Thanks Hugh for your assistance it has been invaluable.

CMcG – Sydney
May 2011
Master Coach - Life Coaching Institute of Australia
Masters of Business Coaching (Distinction)
Accredited Master Coach - ANZI Coaching


"Women in leadership” has been an issue for me since I started working on gender and diversity issues. I have known about the glass ceiling and what it takes to be a woman in a male domain. Unfortunately, when it was time for me to take a management position in Human Resources, I failed to transfer this knowledge. Hugh has helped me see that I was ready for a leadership role just the way I was and that I have all the tools available. Hugh has inspired me and coached me to a point where I am very comfortable at my place in the management team, surrounded by male colleagues who are older than me and come from a military background where women in leading roles are still the minority. I have come to know my strengths and weaknesses and how to use both to my advantage and in the spirit of my company. I can only recommend Hugh and his seminars to any woman who wants to discover the leader in herself.

PetraBender, Head of Personnel & Administration, NATO Airlift Management Agency  (NAMA), Hungary


“Hugh is an awesome coach who is able to get you to the heart of a challenge. His support in enabling you to pick your way through complex issues to clarity of action is amazing. My career went in a totally new and successful direction as a direct result of my coaching sessions. I am always left feeling clearer and more positive as a result of our time together. Every leader needs the support of this calibre of coach!"

Jan Page, UK
November 10, 2009


“Hugh's tremendous experience in coaching senior level staff in Europe, especially at NATO, is a great boon to Australians. Hugh is a very personable, thoughtful and insightful person. He is passionate about helping women to develop the skills needed for board positions, and his skills and experience are ideal for this.”

Rosemary Gillespie, NSW
October 25, 2009


The benefits will keep coming for 40 years if I’m lucky ... I’ve enjoyed this and it has totally changed my life.

Construction Manager, Bellway Homes West Scotland


“Hugh is passionate about helping women executives to reach their full potential. Hugh and the True Colours Group have formed an alliance to mentor, encourage and groom women executives for Senior C level and Board positions. We are excited to be working with someone with such a successful background and who is as passionate about helping women reach their full potential as we are. I feel honoured to be able to work with Hugh and look forward to seeing many success stories of women who achieve their goals by being both challenged and mentored by Hugh.”

Debbie Carr, APRCSA. Director, True Colours Group, NSW


“Hugh's tailored program and calm focused approach to subject matter aligned with extensive and detailed knowledge - meant that the results were almost guaranteed. The material was rich with practical methods to achieve goals and Hugh was able to guide me to sections that resonated with my personality and character. Highly recommended.”

Max King, Managing Director, Sydney
January 12, 2010


What you offer people is really very special and I am 100% certain you'll grow from strength to strength as a phenomenal, inspirational coach.

Anne-Marie Fraser, Principal, Communicate Training, Edinburgh


You did a fantastic job! Congratulations! The way you pronounce the word "stress" is relaxing in itself

NATO/NAMSA Officer, Luxembourg


You keep pushing us to make decisions and to try things, so we don’t just sit and listen all day. This gives us the confidence to try things when we go back to the site.

The tips on managing time & priorities, for example, have been the best and easiest advice I have ever had.

Initially I didn’t think this was going to be useful but it definitely did and it’s making a massive difference.

I had become quite stagnant – this has opened up a whole new set of possibilities.

We are now much more of a company unit rather than each of us working independently.

When I was told that my name was down for a training course, I thought “Oh great” (cynically). But this has been completely different, there has been a different vibe about the whole thing.

Comments from site management staff piloting a course in ‘Managing For Peak Site Performance’, Scotland


"…it has been a valuable investment … [Hugh] does not recommend a course of action so much as enable you to see what you would like to happen and provide you with tools to achieve it"

Quest International research manager


I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of ideas I can take away from this [training course] and put into action with my team.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency Officer


Hugh Todd recently accepted a request from me to demonstrate his coaching skills in front of this year’s cohorts for the Masters of Business Coaching degree with the Sydney Business School. In front of a daunting group of nearly 20 masters students Hugh conducted a brilliant coaching session with absolute finesse. It takes someone with Hugh’s experience and confidence to pull off a coaching session in such intense conditions. I would happily recommend Hugh for future assignments with anyone in leadership looking for new insights and ways to develop their talents.

Vanessa Fudge, Chairman Shirlaws
May 2010


Evaluation of Coaching Outcomes – permission to publish given

My issues were:

  • Being stuck in the home in a role that did not suit me.
  • Being stuck in a five year vicious circle of taking on meaningless/less than jobs and leaving within days or weeks.
  • Thought and actions were based on “what a woman my age with children and husband should do”, “what other people thought I should do”.
  • Loss of personal identity.
  • Too much dwelling on a redundancy, which occurred over five years ago.
  • Wanting to move forward, but looking at the situation through old, scratched, foggy lenses, through limiting beliefs and destructive old patterns.
  • Knowing that I needed to move on, and that I needed to do something different, as I was emotionally and physically exhausted from the roller coaster ride of the past 5 years.
  • Carrying too much unnecessary baggage.


  • In a matter of two months, I am moving on and for the first time in a very long time feel I am creating opportunities, have choices and know what I want. I suppose my brain has been rewired by your clever ways of reframing how I was seeing the world.
  • That “annoying choice” thing you go on about worked for me, even though I used to feel annoyed by having to do something different and break my old, familiar choices, patterns and way of behaving.
  • You have instilled in me the fact that I have control over my state/mood and I am a better person for it. It helps me when I am working on tasks that are less than inspiring.
  • You have instilled in me the belief that I can have an adult to adult conversation with an employer and that it is a 50/50 exchange. In fact this is more than just a belief, it is a reality in my life now.
  • I particularly loved the values/priority activity, which crystallized what gets me out of bed in the morning...now I can work from that point and know that I will achieve what my heart is desiring, rather than what my head or society tells me I should do.
  • I feel I have well and truly dealt with the redundancy issue, am grateful it happened, have taken the lessons and dropped the baggage (remember the suitcase dream!!!).
  • I am very happy and comfortable with who I have become and who I aspire to become, and am ok with the fact that I’m a work in progress and don’t need all the answers at once.
  • The most amazing thing of all is that I’ve secretly had this desire to be part of a theatre group, as I have this need to creatively express myself and what better avenue for it. So just yesterday I made a move and am receiving information from various amateur theatre companies. At this stage, who knows what someone who has no formal training in singing, dancing or acting can do, but you know there’s backstage operations, costume, front of house…and may, just may be a leading lady role one day….crazy things happen as long as I am open to them…and I am.

So many blessings to you and I am glad the teacher appeared when the student was looking.

Thank you,
Olimpia Mazza, 23 April 2010