Special Offer

Special Offers

Special Offer

Watch this space for special offers for members of this community.

These may be for events, courses, or coaching packages. I will also post links to recommended books and other products here. 

Keep visiting! 

My Current Offers:

Visitors to this site can get a 20% reduction on the normal fee by mentioning this special offer. Please 'Contact us' with the program you are interested in named in the subject title.

1. Glass Ceilings & Sticky Floors -
A program for anyone who thinks we need greater diversity in management and senior leadership, who feels stuck in a rut and unable to progress, and/or who tends to be very self critical (ever heard yourself say "I'm not ready yet - maybe next year"?), with the result that you hold yourself back unnecessarily. The core program has 3 half day workshops and one intensive personal mentoring session.

2. Personal And Professional Effectiveness Training -

Stressed out, feeling that there are not enough hours in the day? Losing direction and your ability to prioritise? Having problems communicating effectively with others, or with getting the results that you want? Do you need to become more assertive? Transform your life in one weekend, followed up with a personal mentoring session, by joining Hugh for a powerful, enjoyable experience.

3. A Company Health Check

Hugh will use his 33 years' experience to quickly assess your company across 5 key themes, identified by Harvard Business School as universal to all successful companies and organisations. This can normally be carried out in half a day, and will lead to a set of clear goals for the future development of your company and its people.