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Leadership Programmes

If you manage other people, do you really know how to get the best possible performance from them? Sure, you might know how to organise, plan and deliver efficiently. But how hard do you have to push to get those results?

leadership-programmeWouldn’t it be better to have people around you who are energised, committed, determined to deliver the best, and who want to be part of your team? Wouldn’t it be better for you to de-stress, to feel able to trust your team, and to think about the big picture rather than getting stuck in the detail of everyday performance?

If so, this part of our site is for you!

Don’t get me wrong – managing efficiently and correctly is important too. However, not every leader needs to manage – and not every manager is capable of leading. But the ultimate combination, the rare individuals who should have the greatest value in any organisation, are those who can do both.

What kind of leader are you? Do you know what kind of leadership style and skills will be effective in different circumstances? How authentic are you? Would you believe in yourself if asked?

Having problems with the vision thing? Do you actually have one? If so, do others share it? How do you know? Does it affect how they choose to act or behave at work? Or does it just amount to no more than a bunch of meaningless words that everyone prefers to forget?

Leaders stimulate change, with the intention of making things better. Do you fall into the trap of expecting blind loyalty and commitment from your team? Do you get angry or frustrated with people who resist your ideas? Do you get taken in by those who say ‘great idea boss’, cause no outward trouble, but then simply keep doing things their own, traditional ways? Would you recognise genuine commitment if you tripped over it?

Do you spend hours dealing with simple questions from people who ought to know the answers already, and who ought to be capable of stepping up and making things happen without having to pass the buck to you first?

Do you pay lip service to the term ‘empowerment’, keeping a tight control on all the real decisions and authority, while hanging others out to dry if they make a mistake? Do you understand the 5 elements that are involved in genuinely empowering people so that they can drive things forward without depending on one person all the time?

If everyone simply does things your way, can you see how limiting that is? Maybe your people have, or could have, inspirational new ideas and ways of doing things, but hold back. Would you like some tips on how to generate an environment where people and their ideas can thrive?

Are people easily demotivated? Does your team have time, energy and goodwill sucked out of it by one or two difficult, needy people who love to moan and complain about everything? Do you understand how each and every member of that team can be motivated or demotivated, and what their unique individual triggers are?

Do you set realistic goals, that are practical and achievable, but uninspiring? Or do you set inspiring but idealistic, impractical and probably unachievable goals? Or neither because this is too difficult, let’s just try hard and see what happens? Would you like some help in stepping through this minefield so that you know how to get the best of everything?

Are you an effective decision maker? Can you work through the most important issues in a logical way, while generating a good range of options and choosing the best way forward when none of the strategies appear to be perfect? Can you involve others in that process without losing efficiency and harmony?

Do you know how to build a high performing team, or one that is able to manage itself with minimal interference? Can you identify both your team’s strengths and the things that are holding it back from functioning better? Would you know what to do with these insights?

Subscribing to this site will, over a period of time, bring you ideas about all of these issues. If you would like a quicker solution, contact us and ask for in-person coaching!