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Is Your Company Sick?

Is your company or agency doing everything it can to build a successful future? Or is it sicker than it looks, with problems building up that could cripple it in the future?

There are 5 factors that are common to all successful businesses and agencies. Of course, there are other issues that are specific to your situation – but these 5 are shared by everyone.

The 5 themes are:

  • Vision, leadership and direction
  • Managing performance
  • Customers
  • Teamwork
  • Attitudes and motivation.

Recent research also suggests that those companies that have strong, diverse thinking at Board level (evidenced for example by having at least three women Directors) are performing significantly better than the average through the global financial crisis. So the first of these factors, concerning leadership, includes a challenge to ensure that strategy is being formed by a diverse group of people, with diverse backgrounds and opinions, and with the strength of character to challenge that old chestnut of  ‘the way we do things around here’.

I have written an article which will help you to create a very quick health check on your company: ‘The Company Success Health Check’.

In future articles I will expand on each one, and provide tips and ideas to help you to find strategies that will improve the health and likely success of your company or agency.

Today’s Action:

Go to the article and use it to rate your company’s performance in each of the 5 areas.

Then identify the things that also need to be addressed.

Next, talk to others in your company and generate ideas.

Finally, have the courage to take action! Don’t accept second best – if your company is sick, it will drag you down with it.

Your coach,

Hugh :D

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