Sexism on Wall St

I thought we had made more progress than this!

Shocking levels of sexist discrimination apparently continue to exist on Wall Street. And what is most shocking is the level of blinkered unawareness of the (allegedly) guilty parties. These people seem to be completely blind and deaf and can’t recognise their own crass stupidity, which is depriving companies and whole economies of a whole raft of talent, and deeply affecting the lives of those who have been unfairly treated.

Is it the same in ‘developed’ economies everywhere? I know for sure that the sly practice of excluding women from key business meetings happens in Australia and the UK.

In my view the only way to blast through these closed attitudes is to introduce quotas, giving companies and organisations sufficient notice to give them time to train and hire diverse talent for Boardroom and senior management positions. The issue has to be forced, as people who are completely unaware that they have a problem will voluntarily change! They will continue to blame others (especially women) rather than take responsibility for making things improve.

See Susan Antilla’s article from the Sydney Morning Herald on 10th April 2010 for fascinating stories and evidence:

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