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  • My Secret Weapon of Understanding

    One female executive's account of the experience of coaching and how it helped her to remain true to herself while becoming significantly more influential and empowered.

    - Hugh Todd,   23 January, 2013
  • Comfort Zones & Getting Stuck in a Rut

    From time to time, every one of us – even gurus – get into a comfort zone, or find that we really want to change but can’t (stuck in a rut).

    - Hugh,   03 January, 2010
  • Build People Performance

    Failing to manage staff performance can have disastrous consequences. Doing it even reasonably well can provide a massive payoff - financially and in your own well-being. So why do so many companies get it so wrong, or avoid it altogether? In this article you can discover why you need to act, and a simple step by step formula for getting an effective, meaningful system running. And if you already have one? Compare notes and see if you can improve the way you do things.

    - Hugh Todd,   24 September, 2010